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Saturday, August 11, 2012

How to add some delay to Subtitle Files.


 Sometimes we watch the movies with subtitles and its subtitle doesn’t work properly. You can download no. of subtitle files from the internet. But you don’t know which one is perfect for your movie. And it is very hard to find the correct one. The most common problem with subtitles is delay problem. Some files runs with 2 seconds delay, some runs with 4 seconds delay.
I have an easy way to solve this problem.
Follow the below steps..

1.       Download the file from here. No installation required.
2.       Launch this file and browse the path where your subtitle file(with extension .srt) resides.
3.       Select output folder where you want to save this file after conversion.
4.       Select ‘Set delay’ option. And enter your delay time in milliseconds. 1000ms=1 second.
****if subtitle is running after some seconds of actual conversation. Put milliseconds value with – sign(eg. -3000ms)
5.       Press convert button
6.       Now check your converted file.

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