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Monday, July 30, 2012

How to get the email ids of all facebook friends.


If your facebook friend doesn’t want to share his/her email id then you can’t get their email ids. But I have a trick to get the email ids of all the facebook friends. You have to follow some steps…

1.       Open your yahoomail account. If you don’t have yahoomail account then create it.
2.       Go to Contacts Tab.
3.       Click on import contacts as shown in image below.
4.       Click on facebook symbol.
5.       Now it will ask the username and password of facebook account. Enter the username and password.
6.       In next step it will ask for the confirmation press okay.
7.       Now it will show how many email ids has been imported.
8.       Click on view imported contacts link. It will show all the contacts in your list.
9.       Now click on action button and then Export All.
10.   Press Export Now.
11.   It will ask for a captcha code fill it and enter and it will download a file.
12.   Open this file in MS Excel.
13.   Find Email column. You will get all the email ids in this column of excel sheet.
****Note : sometimes we are not able to get all the email ids in excel sheet. For this you can follow below steps
1.       Follow above 8 steps.
2.       Click on action button and press Print All.
3.       In next step press Display For Printing.
4.       It will show all the email ids with the name of that person you can copy the email id from here.

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Friday, July 27, 2012

How to Turn ON your pc in few seconds.


Sometimes we can’t wait for our system to show the desktop after starting it. I have a trick to start up your pc with in 10 sec( may vary).

Follow some below steps to do this.
1. Star your run window by pressing window+R keys on your keyboard.
2. Type regedit and press Enter.

 3. A Registery Editor window will open. Open this pathHKEY_LOACAL_MECHINE\ SYSTEM\ CurrentControlSet \Control \ContentIndex
4. Find the Registry “Startup Delay”. And double click on it.

5. Select the Decimal Radio button.

6. The value given is 480000(75300 in hexadecimal)
7. Change its value to 40000 and press ok.
8. Now done. Restart your pc and see the magic.


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Thursday, July 26, 2012

How to select files and folder with the help of check boxes.


Everyone knows that for selecting the file in our computer we just click the mouse button on it. And for selecting multiple folder or files we use the shift or ctrl key on keyboard with the mouse button. But you can select the multiple files by just checking the check box.
Follow some below steps:

1.      Open your  My Computer and open your Folder option.
a.       In Window XP you can open folder option by clicking on the Tool menu of your My Computer and then Folder Option.
b.      And in Window 7 click on Organize given in left top corner of your My Computer. And then click on Folder and Search Option

2.       Now open view tab in Folder Option window and check the option “use checkbox to select the items”. Then OK.
3.       Now you will find that when you will move the cursor on your folder or file a checkbox will appear. You can check it to select the file
4.       You can check the multiple checkbox to select multiple files without pressing the shift or control key.

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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Use icons of your desktop without minimizing the opened windows.


Sometimes you want to use the files on the desktop frequently. And it is not good to minimize your open windows for using these files again and again. I have a solution for that. You can access your desktop directly from the taskbar. Follow some simple steps given below.
1.       Right click on your Window-Taskbar.
2.        Open properties.
3.       A window will open(Taskbar and Start Menu Properties).

4.       Select the Toolbars tab in it.
5.       Select Desktop. And press Ok.
6.       Now a Desktop link will appear in your TaskBar with arrow sign.
7.       Click on this link a list of your destop items will come.
8.       Now you can access your desktop without minimizing the window

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Thursday, July 19, 2012

How to protect MS Word file with password in MS word 2007.


You can save your Ms Word file by setting password for it. Ms Word has the inbuilt function to protect your file with the password. Follow some steps given below …

1.       Click on the office Button on the top left side.

2.       Click on prepare option in it.

3.       Click on Encrypt Document.
4.       Now it will ask for the password. Fill it with the password which you want to set for your file. And press OK.
5.       It will ask for confirm password. Fill your password once again and OK.
6.       Now save your file.

7.       Now whenever you will open the file next time, it will ask for the password.

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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Block the websites on your personal computer without using any software.


Some times we want that no body can open some websites on our personal computer. We want to block that websites. But not able to do that and sometimes we need some software to do this work.
But I have a very good way to do this without using any software.
Follow the steps given below...

  1. open the run by pressing window+R or from start menu.
  2. Type C:/windows/system32/drivers/etc/hosts

  1. And select the Notepad from open with window.

  2. and write at the end of the document.
      5.   Now save it.
      6.   Try to open the website in your browser. It will not work.
***Note: this method will not work on some websites.

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Monday, July 16, 2012

How to save your computer from the virus injected USB flash drives.


In these days every one uses the USB flash drives to transfer the data from one computer to another computer. And it is very easy way to transfer the virus to your computers. If your Flash Drive contains any virus and when you open this, the virus affects your computer files. So we should know that how to save our computer to be injected from the virus which comes from the USB flash drives (Pen Drives).
I have tips to do that. You can use the USB flash drives without opening. Just follow the below steps to do that…

  1. Right click on Task Bar and click on Toolbars.
  2. Then click on New Toolbar
  1. Click on My Computer and then ok.
  1. It will create a My Computer tool with the arrow sign on the right side of the taskbar.
  2. Now you can access any drive and the files from here. Click on the arrow and it will show a list of your drives.
  3. Now you can go to the file where you want to go without opening the Flash drive.

  1. You can copy the file by right click and select the copy option in it.
  2. Now you can paste any where you want.

It is very useful way to access the virus injected drives without opening them. But it will better that you scan your Flash Drives with good antivirus.


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