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Sunday, April 17, 2011

How to hide your Disk Drive.


Sometimes we don’t want to show our Disk Drive to another person. We need to hide this. You can hide your Disk Drive in few simple steps. You can implement this trick at any version of windows such as windows 98, xp, vista & window 7. You can unhide your drive whenever you want.
Follow these below steps:-
1.       Open your start menu. Click on Run.
2.       Type cmd(Command Prompt) in Run. You can open your command prompt from
Start>>all programs>>accessories>>command prompt
3.       Type Diskpart in cmd and hit the enter key. 
4.       Wait for few seconds it will open a Diskpart session.
5.       Type List volume for listing all volumes in your pc.( it will show your Disk drives as volume names)
6.       Select the volume which one you want to hide.
For example I am hiding my volume 2 with drive letter d.
write Select volume 2 and hit the enter key.( write your volume number in place of 2)
7.       Now type remove letter d and hit enter. (type your drive letter In place of d).
Now your work is completed .check your drive. Now it is hidden. If  not restart your computer then check it.
How to unhide Disk Drive:-
1.       Follow the above 1 to 5 steps.
2.       Now write assign letter d and hit the enter key. ( write your letter name in place of d).
Now check your disk drive in your window explorer. If doesn’t appeared, just restart your computer and then check it.

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