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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Lock your computer when you go away from your pc/laptop.


When you works on your computer then sometimes you need to go away from your computer imidiately. You dont have the time to lock your computer. Here is an application given which will help you. This application works with your phone. It works on your phone bluetooth. It connects your phone to your computer and when it will be in range then computer will work properly and when you go away from your computer with your phone then this application will lock your system automatically.

Download application from here BtProx.

How to use it:
1. Connect your device with your computer by bluetooth.
2. Open BtProx application.
3. Now select your device in Used Device field.
4. Press start.
Now it will work. When the device is in the range then the it appears in orange colour in taskbar bottom right corner. When device will go out of the range it appears in red and after some time your computer will lock itself.....

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