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Saturday, October 22, 2011

How to switch off your monitor using keyboard.


Switch off your computer monitor or your laptop screen by pressing keyboard keys. You can save energy by doing this.
PushMonitorOff is the software which is used for this. Download it from the following link
Download and run it. Now you can switch off your monitor or laptop screen by pressing Shift+F1 .
You can change this shortcut from the software options.
How to change the shortcut:  when you will run the software then a file PushMonitOff.ini  will be created. Open it and change the setting in the two lines from below. You can change the modifier into Ctrl  and Alt and you can replace the F1 with another button. Save it and again run the software.
You  can change the shotcut from the below right corner in the task bar. a icon will show for pushmonitoroff right click on it and click on setting now change the setting......



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