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Thursday, October 27, 2011

How to copy Text from an image document.


Friends as you know it is like impossible to copy the text from an image. Suppose if you have a document which has some important text data. And this document is in the form of image then you can’t copy the data from that image. 
But here you can get the way to copy your data. It is very easy and provided by Microsoft. it uses the OCR method. OCR is Optical Character Recognition which is used to extract the text data form the images. You need the Microsoft office in your computer.
How to do this..
1.       If you don’t have Microsoft office in your computer then install it.
2.       Open Microsoft Office One Note.
3.       Drag and Drop your image in this.
4.       Right click and press copy text from image.

5.       Now paste it into notepad. You will get your data.
 Note: It doesn't recognize correct data. You may need some modification in your data. So before finalize your data check it carefully.

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