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Friday, March 18, 2011

Covert your files in PDF format using Facebook.


Many times we need to convert word document into PDF file. Generaly we convert these files offline. We use many large softwares to do this. But it will be better if we can do this thing on the web network.
Now facebook has a new web application to convert the Microsoft PowerPoint, excel nr word files to PDF files. Many other documents also can be converted using this application. This application is known as PDF creator.
It is free to use. There are few easy steps to complete your task. Go to the PDF Creator webpage.

Click on green button shows in snapshot "CLICK HERE TO START CREATING PDF DOCUMENTS". Browse the document you want to convert as shown in the screenshot below.

The resulted document can be easily downloaded with the link. You will receive an email in your inbox regarding the same. Email alsn contain the link to download the resulted file. You can access the link only for 24 hours.
It is easier or faster steps to convert the file into PDF.


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