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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Make disappear opened windows and programs by pressing one key.


Here is a great news for the person who dont want to share their project to someone when they are working on that project or some time it happen that we use something which meight be objectionable to our teachers or our seniors. .it may be gaming,using of internet for personal usage during the working hours. They neey to be very alert and careful. They have to hide these things imidiately. Now solution of these things is present which is a freeware known as Magic Box Key.

You have to download and inrtall this tool. Magic Box Key is small in size(1.72). This freeware is used to hide the open windows,folders,browser and another application. Now you can do your job secretly without tension. The user interface is displayed below. .

It display the complete list of all active programs. There are some option present in this software as shown below.

You can choose your language. You can select the option to hide the windows. There are two options for hidiing:-left mouse button+right mouse button or F12 key.

This freeware has been tested on Window7 and also compatible with Windows XP/Vista/2000/2003/98.

Download Magic Box Key here


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