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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

How to know that your email has been read.


Some time we need to know that the email sent by us has been read or not. There is no inbuilt feature for this in most of mail server. I have the solution for this.

"" is the solution for this. If your email contains one or more link then this solution can be very helpful for you.

It is very simple to use this.
you have to follow these steps:-

  • Open the url ""
  • Paste your url(which will be provided by you in your email) in the text box given here.
  • click the button. now your url will get shorten.
  • now put this url in your email.
  • send your email.

Now whenever the recipient open this url in your mail his activity will be captured by You can see this activity by adding '+' sign to Google short URL.

For example if you get the shorten URL of your link is Now you can see the stat by writing "" in your address bar. Even you can also get the time of click on that URL.


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